I brought a panel discussion into my class using Clubhouse

A few weeks ago, a previous student of mine invited me on to the Clubhouse App. It was like an explosion of information through conversations. I was immediately thirsty for more knowledge. I couldn’t believe I could be in the same rooms as people like Nir Eyal, Lupe Fiasco… even Elon Musk!

As an Edupreneur, I was instantly hooked on joining conversations and meeting new people. Slowly I landed in many rooms filled with innovative educators. It was and still is amazing. Then it occurred to me.

How do I get my students access to these professionals?

I am what…

Online learning. It has become essential in educational institutions across the globe. For me personally, March 13th, 2020 will be a day that shook up the educational world. That is the day many institutions figured out how they would teach in a pandemic. Systems spent their time scrambling to learn how to do this. It was something we never thought to do before… or was it?

We heard student voice regarding the benefits of remote learning long before 2020.

In 2015, I was part of a student group along with an innovative administrator working on a community WiFi project. The…

Stop Teaching Subjects and Start Teaching Students

If there is any year that taught us this is a necessity, it is this school year. I recently received an email from a student that read:

“I’m sorry I haven’t been participating in class recently. An immediate family member of mine in New Jersey has contracted COVID, so I have been really stressed out traveling back and forth from Chicago and NJ to be with my other family members. I’m sorry for letting you know so late. If possible, I can try to complete all my assignments by Sunday? I’m sorry and thank you for being patient with me.”

I am entering the second semester of teaching at a new school in the middle of a pandemic. As a business teacher, I have a stressful week in front of me. We have moved our DECA competition to this week. It needed to be changed into a completely digital form as the students can’t be in class at all times during the pandemic. I teach elective courses and registration behind this week as well. My business teaching colleague and I have been marketing our classes and remaining hopeful we will have the numbers to have full time positions filled for…

Reading your students from day to day and giving feedback on their learning is the basics of teaching and guiding students through curriculum in high school. Great teachers have the innate ability to look at a student and see where they are by reading body language and facial expressions. I like to think of us as FBI agents, only we are not trying to interrogate, we are trying to teach.

In the pandemic, reading of students has become tricky. Great teachers don’t have the ability to read students like they used to. Most of the students are sitting behind a…

Many elective teachers understand the importance to make students aware of their important classes. As a high school business teacher, I completely understand this. This year, I worked on a promo video that I thought would do a great job getting our Career Internship class noticed. I was feeling good about my creation. Then I showed it to the current Career Internship Class.

“It seems scripted” “The music is too loud” “It sounds like it is not authentic”

That one, two, three punch hurt me. I quickly changed subjects and was fighting the anger in my voice. I made it…

This is going to sound like a rant, but hey, we are at the end of 2020 so here it goes. Writing a professional email should be a high school graduation requirement. I think I just heard a ton of teachers out there yell “YES!” I get emails from students all the time as I am communicating with them regarding make up work and helping them out to improve their learning. Here is an example of an interaction via email at the end of a typical semester:

“once i submit the career project would i be passing your class?”


This year has taught me a lot about teaching, education, learning, and most importantly, being empathetic with my students. I’ll admit, change is a good thing. Too much change at once, can be bad. I have seen many students in the hybrid model become lost, disoriented, and confused about their time and focus management. I am sure we could have done a better job helping students figure out these before Covid-19 hit. We are beyond that. No need bringing up complaints that will do us no good now.

We have to move forward.

This semester, I have a much higher…

Obviously 2020 has been a year with quite a bit going on. Anxiety, uncertainty, depression, anger, politics, injustice, school challenges, “lost generations of learners,” and on and on. I hear it everyday. I want to let everyone know that, yes, those are legitimate things. It is easy these days to point out the bad things. They are affecting many of us and I do not intend to discount anyone’s feelings or bad events that have taken place. I am simply looking at some good things coming out of the educational systems because of drastic changes. So I leaned in and…

The 1995 318ti like the one I purchased.

I had just started a job as a bar manager at a country club right out of college. I was feeling pretty good about the opportunity. I was meeting business leaders, learning about the restaurant industry, and getting my feet wet in a leadership role. I needed the car to match my young ego.

At the time, BMW released a hatchback version of their legendary 318. It was deemed the entry level BMW at a starting price of $19,999. The BMW 318ti. I wanted one. I was presently driving a Honda Prelude. It was in good condition and I didn’t…

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